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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

non-toxic pest control for hospitals and institutionsDEFINITION

IPM is a common sense approach that uses a variety of methods to control pests. Chemical pesticides may be part of an IPM program, but they are just one tool among many used for effective pest management. Because IPM relies on a variety of techniques to control pests rather than relying exclusively on the use of pesticides, it can reduce health and ecological risks associated with the use of potentially toxic chemicals.


To maintain each facility free from all species of insects, rodents and other pest of public health significance.


To create a preventative pest control program within customer's facilities. This will be accomplished by anticipating and correcting a problem before it occurs. UNIVERSAL PEST SERVICES, INC. will install monitoring devices to areas conducive to activity. We will inspect these areas according to schedule. Pesticides will be applied as indicated on the label only if pest infestations occur. Prior to any use of Pesticides we will inform our customers of our reasons for its use and precautions needed to be taken.

pest control for medical institutionsRECOMMENDATIONS

Through its thorough documentation that includes all services performed, date, time, materials used, their locations and any pest identified. UNIVERSAL PEST SERVICES, INC., located in Pennsylvania, will provide written recommendations that are an essential part of the IPM* PROGRAM. These recommendations will focus on areas that can eliminate pest conditions such as harborage areas, moisture problems, entrance ways and environmental conditions that contribute to pest occurrences.


The most essential part of the IPM* PROGRAM is the communications between UNIVERSAL PEST SERVICES, INC. and all representatives of the facility. All information that affects the GOAL of the program must be properly conveyed so that appropriate actions can be taken. To insure that information is properly communicated, UNIVERSAL PEST SERVICES, INC. will provide each customer with the following.

    • This log will be used by employees of each facility to record any sightings that may have accrued between visits. It will also be used by the UNIVERSAL PEST SERVICES, INC. representative to initial that they responded to any sighting in the book, date it was done, actions taken and any follow up needed.
    • Each and every service will end with UNIVERSAL PEST SERVICES, INC. representative informing our contact at each facility what actions have taken place with recommendations that are essential in maintain the IPM* PROGRAM. This information will be given verbally and in writing on each service report.
    • On a periodic basis UNIVERSAL PEST SERVICES, INC. will perform a Quality Assurance Inspection to determine whether the current IPM* PROGRAM is effective. Recommendations will be made in a written report as to any changes in the program that might be needed. It will also document any recommendations that have been made in the past and that have not been rectified. The report will also analyze all requests in the communications logbook to determine any patterns of activity.

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